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VA Mortgage

A VA loan makes home ownership more affordable for qualified U.S. veterans, thanks to no-money-down options and favorable terms. VA home loans are provided by lenders, and the VA guarantees a portion of loans for veterans so they can qualify for an attractive financing package. The Veterans Benefits Administration (VA) provides this benefit to qualified veterans to finance a home purchase, and there are several VA loan programs to choose from.

VA Mortgage Loans

These mortgage loans are especially attractive to...

No money down

Qualified borrowers may be able to finance up to 100% of the purchase price with no downpayment required on certain VA loan products.

No mortgage insurance

The VA does not require monthly mortgage insurance. A funding fee is generally required for all transactions

Interest rate reduction refinance option

Refinancing your existing VA loan into a new one with lower interest or terms is available with minimal documentation

Main Benefits

No down payment options

Qualified U.S. veterans may be able to receive financing for the entire loan amount.

No penalties for prepayment

VA Loans do not have any penalties for early payments.

No mortgage insurance requirements

The Veterans Benefits Administration does not require monthly mortgage insurance. However, a funding fee is generally required for transactions.

Options for Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Borrowers have options for both fixed and adjustable rates.